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Okay! I'm here and I'm excited, but what do I do next? (Est. 2 min read)
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Welcome to Chingu!

You are here as someone starting their journey to become a Web Developer or you might be an experienced developer looking to add to the knowledge and skills you already have. In either case, you're in the right place!

Chingu is a global collaboration platform that connects motivated learners who have shared goals to learn, help, and build together.

Quick Start Guide

You will find the information in this handbook helpful regardless of whether you are a new or a veteran Chingu. Each section describes a different aspect of Chingu and how it can help you on your Web Development journey.

Cohort Information

  • Cohort Guide describes our flagship learning program which provides the opportunity to gain application development experience in a "real world" setting.

  • Cohort Resources is a collection of resources on topics you will find useful whether you are a new or experienced Web Developer. This includes not only "hard" technical information, but also "soft" skills such as Agile Methodologies.

Additional Information

  • What's New at Chingu? is essentially the Release Notes for the Chingu organization. We'll keep you updated on a regular basis about changes or new features.

  • Introduction to Chingu provides information about our organization, its programs, and how it operates.

  • Past Chingu Projects is where you can see all of the the previous Voyage projects our Chingus have created.

  • Commonly Used Terms defines the terminology you'll encounter as a Chingu. Every organization has its own language and understanding ours will help you in your journey.

  • FAQs answer common questions that Chingus have asked over the years.

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